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Navigating Tomorrow's Ecommerce Tech, Today

At Inter-soft, we don’t just keep pace with the ever-evolving world of high-end technology — we lead the charge.
We create custom software and automation for e-commerce, designed with expertise and dedicated to your success. With us, your company isn’t just equipped for the future; it’s shaping it.
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DataDash: Your Custom Online Marketplace Business Time Saver & Profitability Tool

Own Data Backed Truth & Expedite Marketplace Operations

Insights for Ecommerce Business Growth

This custom solution empowers your business; agency, aggregator, multi-marketplace channels with advanced data analytics tools that provide valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational efficiencies.
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How we deliver and develop our solutions

Our dedicated team of IT Software Solutions experts with +10 years of experience as Full Stack developers, with a wide range of products across both PrestaShop and Shopify. We develop many software programs for high class brands like Amazon, Geodis and Booking. Our renowned App Development, digital marketing and maintenance services provide high-value at minimal cost to companies of all sizes, bringing them The Clarity to Make their Business Truely Profitable.
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#B2B Software

Software development for eCommerce

Get your dream software with the expertise of our Shopify/PrestaShop specialists. With over 10 years of experience in multiplea tech stacks, we deliver exceptional development solutions tailored to your needs. Experience new heights of success while maintaining your company’s efficiency through accurate tools.
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All in-one ecom Tools

Inter-Soft has built its own brand of powerful eCommerce tools under the name ToolE. As eCommerce experts, we go beyond just building software – we help you get ahead of the competition. Our Shopify and PrestaShop specialists have over 10 years of experience developing solutions with technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, and React. This means we deliver custom-tailored eCommerce applications that precisely meet the unique needs of your business—partner with us to experience new levels of success while maintaining efficiency.

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#School Management System

Educationnal Technology Solution

Automation has become an integral part of daily tasks in schools, facilitating multidirectional interaction between the school, teachers, and parents. With a focus on simplicity, professionalism, and enhanced management efficiency, automation streamlines various processes, ultimately leading to improved communication, collaboration, and overall effectiveness within the educational ecosystem.
Our tech expertise

Our team of Full-stack developers offers services utilizing the most up-to-date frameworks and contemporary back-end technologies


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Prestashop Experts

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Our world Wild expertise at your service

Your vision, our programming for your success.

Where do we bring the most value to your business?


Marketplace Data Integration

We are committed to channeling our creativity into purposeful solutions that challenge the status quo and thrive in the business. By constantly seeking new ways to solve old problems, we empower ourselves.

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Personalized Tech Consulting

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our success is rooted in the collective brilliance of our diverse team and our customers. By fostering an environment of open communication, mutual respect.

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Custom Software Development

Your needs, challenges, and dreams shape our every move. With unwavering dedication, we put you at the heart of everything we do. From the smallest interaction to the the grandest solution

#Ecommerce Tools

Prestashop and Shopify Tools

Looking for Shopify and Prestashop Tools? Developed by Inter-soft, our comprehensive suite of eTools is tailored to meet the unique demands of online businesses.
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Simplify your Business with custom tech solutions

Your Vision Maintained and Magnified, through our deep understanding of the ecosystem

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Why People Trust in Inter-soft

Jean Christophe R


Easy to learn and customise module. It does a great job of adding the ability to make quotes on the site. Support is very responsive and efficient. I'd recommend this module.

Jesus G


The module works well, quick response and solutions to queries.

Rick M


Fast, clear, super customer service ! very friendly and an excellent module

David R

United Kingdom

This module is amazing and the support received is first class. Would totally recommend this module and the support received when I had a few issues were promptly dealt with. Replies received within minutes of rasing a concern. These guys are AMAZING.


United States

We had an issue with information not coming into our Shopify account from Amazon which hindered our ability to ship properly. The team supported us rapidly and professionally to get the problem resolved. I recommend working with them!

Homi Zen

United States

I'm really happy with the ToolE Amazon channel tool. Their customer service is great—they answer fast, know their stuff, and are super patient. They deserve a big thumbs up.

The app itself is also awesome. It's easy to use and has everything I need. It's the best one I've tried for managing my Amazon sales. If you need a solid Amazon setup with helpful support, ToolE is your best bet. I totally suggest giving it a try. Great job to the folks at ToolE!

Gadgets 4 U

United Kingdom

We have quite a large catalog and reluctant to try another app because the last one affected badly our seller metrics. Having a call with the Easy Tool team helped us gained the confidence we need for such an important part of our business. I can recommend them.

Lane Frost Brand

United States

We had a unique situation where a lot of people were already selling our products on Amazon. Trying to connect them seemed like a giant standing in front of us. Amazon Easy Tool team went above and beyond and was able to connect everything. Their tech support is AMAZING! We look forward to our continued relationship.

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DataDash: Own data backed truth & expedite Marketplace Operations

#Questions & Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online marketplace?

An online marketplace platform is a digital platform, typically a website or mobile app, that consolidates inventory and offerings from multiple sellers or suppliers in a centralized location. This allows customers or buyers to discover, browse, and transact with these various sellers through the marketplace interface. Transactions on a marketplace can encompass a wide range of interactions, such as purchasing physical products, booking services, requesting quotes, or engaging in any other exchange of value between the customer and the supplier. Well-known examples of popular online marketplaces include Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, which bring together numerous third-party providers and customers in their respective industries.

Who does Inter-soft cater to?

Inter-Soft’s primary target customers are ecommerce businesses, agencies, aggregators, multi-marketplace sellers, and educational institutions that can benefit from our custom software development, ecommerce tools, and automation solutions.

Does Inter-soft work for my idea?

If your business idea is an online marketplace for something, you can make it happen with Inter-Soft’s marketplace software. Your platform can be about selling products, renting items, vehicles, or spaces, or selling services. And a host of other things.

Inter-Soft specializes in building custom software and automation solutions for ecommerce businesses, including online marketplaces. With their expertise in technologies like Shopify and PrestaShop, they can help you create a tailored platform that meets the unique needs of your marketplace business.

Whether you’re looking to sell products, rent out items, or offer services, Inter-Soft can provide the advanced data analytics tools and operational efficiencies to help your marketplace thrive. Their team of experienced developers is dedicated to turning your vision into a successful reality.

How does Inter-soft work?

Here is how Inter-soft company’s services work:

  1. Custom Software Development for E-commerce:

    • Inter-soft has a team of full-stack developers with over 10 years of experience in technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, React, etc.
    • They develop custom software solutions and automation tools tailored to the unique needs of e-commerce businesses, including those on platforms like Shopify and PrestaShop.
    • The goal is to help e-commerce companies be equipped for the future and shape the evolving e-commerce technology landscape.
  2. B2B Software Solutions:

    • Inter-soft offers a suite of B2B software solutions, including tools for Amazon selling, school management systems, and their own “ToolE” brand of e-commerce tools.
    • These solutions are designed to provide advanced data analytics, operational efficiencies, and other capabilities to help e-commerce businesses, agencies, and aggregators grow and succeed.
  3. Personalized Tech Consulting:

    • Inter-soft believes in the power of collaboration and open communication with their clients.
    • They offer personalized tech consulting to understand the unique needs, challenges, and goals of each business they work with.
    • This allows them to develop custom solutions that put the client’s vision and requirements at the heart of the process.
  4. Marketplace Data Integration:

    • A key focus area for Inter-soft is helping businesses integrate and leverage data from various e-commerce marketplaces and channels.
    • This includes tools and expertise to connect, analyze, and optimize operations across multiple sales channels and platforms.

Overall, Inter-soft positions itself as a leading provider of custom software development and SaaS solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the e-commerce industry, with a focus on data-driven insights, operational efficiencies, and delivering tangible business value to its clients.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project in further details. 

Can I build my own app with the help of

 Inter-soft offers custom software development services, including the ability to build custom applications and tools for e-commerce businesses. Some key points:

  1. We create custom software and automation for e-commerce, designed with expertise and dedicated to your success.

  2. We have also developed our own pre-built e-commerce tools and applications that businesses can utilize at ToolE.

  3. Our expertise includes developing solutions for Shopify, PrestaShop, and other e-commerce platforms, using technologies like JavaScript, Node.js, and React. This means we have the capability to build custom apps and integrations for various e-commerce ecosystems.

  4. Our team of IT software experts can deliver exceptional development solutions tailored to your business’s needs. 

We emphasize developing e-commerce-focused solutions to help businesses succeed online.

Contact us to discuss your business needs. 

Is Inter-soft secure?

At Inter-soft, our analytics and operations dashboard is completely secure and private for each individual business. Only you have access to your business information, at no moment other sellers or even our team members have access to your secured data.

To further reinforce the security measures, Inter-soft is audited yearly by Deloitte to make sure our company covers all aspects of Data Security best practices. At Inter-soft, we take data security and privacy very seriously.