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Let’s Connect & Grow

Join hands & embark on a journey that promises to enrich both our paths.
Contact Form Demo

Contact Form Demo

Let’s Connect & Grow

Join hands & embark on a journey that promises to enrich both our paths.
#Our Models

Inter-soft Engagement Models - You have the option to select the cooperation model that best suits your needs

Fixed Bid

Our model suits medium to large projects needing flexible commitment levels, offering both full and part-time availability. App development costs are predetermined and discussed upfront, ensuring transparency. We solely charge for agreed-upon project milestones, expecting payment upon completion.

Time and Materials Contract (T&M)

This approach is tailored for projects with anticipated changes or unclear requirements. Software development costs are calculated based on direct labor hours at an agreed hourly rate. It proves efficient when clients need specific project components completed within set timeframes.


This approach is well-suited for intricate, extended projects, offering comprehensive control over the development process. It enables significant savings on infrastructure expenses, along with social benefits and more. Moreover, it ensures swift and convenient access to the necessary skills for your project.

Dedicated Team (ODT)

This option is versatile, catering to diverse project needs, and involves a fully dedicated team managed directly by the client. It streamlines the hiring process and facilitates rapid team scaling, offering flexibility and efficiency in project management.

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