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Inter-soft Unveils DataDash: A Custom Software for Online Multichannel Marketplace Sellers

DataDash is more than just a software; it's a game-changer for sellers seeking to enhance their marketplace presence and maximize profits. With its innovative features and comprehensive functionalities, DataDash empowers sellers to take control of their businesses like never before.

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Internal Press Release:

Inter-soft is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product, DataDash, a groundbreaking software solution tailored specifically for online multichannel marketplace sellers. DataDash marks a significant milestone in our journey as it equips sellers with the tools and insights they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

DataDash is more than just a software; it’s a game-changer for sellers seeking to enhance their marketplace presence and maximize profits. With its innovative features and comprehensive functionalities, DataDash empowers sellers to take control of their businesses like never before.

Key Highlights of DataDash:

Seller Central Account Assessment: Comprehensive insights into Seller Central accounts for informed decision-making.

Sales & Profit Tracking: Effortless monitoring of sales and profits across regions, saving invaluable time.

Sales and Profit Calculator: Forecast potential sales and profits to devise effective business strategies.

Cost Tracking: Accurate monitoring of business expenses for data-driven decision-making.

Customized Data Analysis: Tailored data analysis modules catering to unique business needs.

Amazon Ads Analysis: Valuable insights into Amazon advertising campaigns for enhanced management.

Inventory Management: Optimal inventory level maintenance and sales velocity tracking.

Global Sales Expansion: Seamless business expansion into three global regions.

Enhanced Marketplace Presence: Elevate listing quality and increase visibility and sales effortlessly.

Seamless Integration: Integration with existing software for streamlined operations.

Tax Filing Made Easy: Simplified tax filing processes for compliance and peace of mind.

DataDash revolutionizes how online multichannel marketplace sellers manage and grow their businesses. It liberates sellers from the constraints of reliance on a single marketplace, enabling effortless diversification and expansion. With real-time insights and adaptive tools, sellers can navigate evolving algorithms and policies with ease, optimizing margins and enhancing profitability.

As members of the Inter-soft team, we take pride in delivering solutions that empower our clients to succeed. DataDash exemplifies our commitment to innovation and excellence, and we’re excited to see the transformative impact it will have on our clients’ businesses.

The Power of Your Ecommerce Data at your fingertips

Are you an ecommerce owner who wants to make more profits through deeper analysis of your store? DataDash is the solution you’ve been searching for. This revolutionary software is specifically customized to give you all the metrics you need to make the best-informed decisions for your business.

With DataDash, you can effortlessly track your advertising campaign performance, understand your customer behavior, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your store’s profitability. Imagine having all the key metrics at your fingertips – you can uncover hidden data on your sales and profits, identify areas of improvement, and maximize your selling strategies.

But that’s not all! DataDash also offers the unique opportunity to connect all your marketplaces, including Amazon, TikTokShop, Walmart, and Miravia, and receive all your orders and fulfill them straight from the platform. This seamless integration streamlines your operations and gives you a comprehensive view of your business.

Join the 1% of elite sellers who have finally cracked the code of marketplace profitability and are leading the ecommerce sales revolution. DataDash empowers you to take control of your ecommerce business, no more guesswork, just clear, actionable insights that lead to increased profits.

Don’t let valuable data go to waste. Understand your ecommerce from the inside with DataDash. Download the software today and start unlocking the power of your ecommerce data to boost your profitability.

To sign up for free access and revolutionize your marketplace operations, please visit

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